Module: Understanding Depression
Animation - Understanding Depressive Disorder

This animation explains how Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is defined as one of several mood disorders that can negatively affect all aspects of your life. MDD is usually triggered by experiences in life such as loss of a loved one, however unlike normal bereavement, people with MDD are unable to move on with their life. MDD appears to affect the chemistry of the brain and can usually be linked to a family genetic history.

Animation - Understanding the chemistry of the brain

This animation explains how the brain works and how changes in brain chemistry can affect mood, health and day-to-day living. The brain has cells called neurons that carry messages or signals from one part of the brain to other parts of the brain or body. Brain chemicals called neurotransmitters are involved in communicating messages from one neuron to the next. In MDD it is believed that there is an imbalance in these brain chemicals.

Module: Treating and Managing Depression
Animation - The goal of MDD therapy

This animation explains that the goal of MDD therapy is to help restore healthy functioning of the brain and healthy quality of life. There are several types of management options for MDD and your doctor can discuss these with you, including counseling therapy, lifestyle changes like diet, sleep and exercise, certain medications, and other options where appropriate.